Behind The Scenes With Ryan Allen: Creating An Iconic Skateboarding Image That Will Make Your Palms Sweat

Ryan Allen, the founder of SBC Skateboard Magazine, has worked tirelessly for over 15 years to create timeless images of skateboarders risking life and limb. Check out this incredibly down to earth behind the scenes video, which gives some insight into what it took to create a jaw-dropping image of a skateboarder ollieing (jumping, in non-skateboard slang) between two towers of shipping crates. The sweaty palms are included at no extra cost!

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Matthew Coughlin's picture

That w

Matthew Coughlin's picture

That was so inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Love the message about shooting for yourself and not to impress your social media friends. Also not conforming to these invisible rules and boundaries that we perceive to exist.

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love it :)

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I discovered Ryan Allen's work a few weeks ago and it had an immediate effect on me. Most of my work is BMX or Skate photography. Ryan seems to find a way of taking photos that are different but still capture the essential elements that will make a trick or gap (like this) look it's best. There are lots of people taking skate photos now, but very few who are genuinely great photographers. Thanks so much for posting this FS.