FOX Sports Works With Intel to Create Virtual Helmet Cameras for Super Bowl

If you're a football fan, you're in for quite a treat during this year's Super Bowl. FOX Sports has teamed up with Intel to provide in-helmet views, all without ever placing a camera in a helmet.

If you've followed sports in the last few years, you've probably seen Intel 360 technology in a replay at some point. Using multiple camera angles and a lot of computational power, the system allows shots to pan seamlessly in 360 degrees, making both the commentary and analysis more elaborate and enhancing the cool factor. For Super Bowl LI, FOX and Intel are taking it a step further with the "Be the Player" enhancement, which creates a virtual camera inside players' helmets to provide POV "replays." It's a particularly cool development for football, where line of sight and visibility play a huge factor in the game. Check out an example of it in the above video.

Altogether, FOX will be employing three production trucks with more than thirty cameras during Super Bowl week along with the over seventy in-stadium cameras that will be in use during the game. With 4K coverage, Super Motion (slow motion) cameras, and "Be the Player" recreations, this looks to be the most technologically advanced Super Bowl yet.

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