Tips for Better Street Photography

It applies to life as well, but if you want to get out there and take some great images, don't be a d*#k. Eduardo Pavez Goye takes us through how he gets his street photography shots on film. It's a great challenge these days, the streets are filled to the brim in the cities, which is great for taking multiple shots, but it's not as easy when shooting film. You want to get it without someone moving in front of your shot to block and spoil your composition. I found his tips to be great. It's practical, and completely doable. 

Pre-focus and Then Create a Scene

He often sees people in a composition of a shot he wants to take, but the person isn't doing anything interesting. He then waits and until they notice him. You can wave, smile, or just get their attention.

Look for Human Architecture

Even if the people don't know you're shooting them. They don't need to know you're shooting them. These shots will not work if the person knew they were being photographed. 

Take Your Time

Find something that you think is interesting and stay there. Wait for your composition to be "freed" from people in the way. 

Play Dumb

Pretend that you're taking a shot of something else if you don't want them to know. 

Talk With Strangers

Speak to the people you find interesting. Explain to them why you want to take a picture of them. Usually you want to take pictures of people that are interesting. Tell them why you think so. 

Embrace the Awkwardness

When you get noticed, don't just smile and walk away. Embrace it. If the person just remains where they are and you proceed with taking the shot, do it, and smile and thank them afterwards. 

Talk to Them

If you "get caught" taking a shot and you notice they are interested, go talk to them and explain why you are taking the shot. It's a nice ice-breaker conversation starter. 


These are great practical exercises to use when going out to take some shots. You can use all of them on any given day if something catches your eye. 

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