Adding An Angry Mob Makes Any Portrait Interesting

These days, creating a portrait that grabs the average pedestrian's attention isn't an easy task. So what did local New York City comedian Colin Kane do to spice it up a little? He added a raging mob of crazy people behind him in this awesome portrait by photographer Monte Isom. It looks like Monte used a large 7' Octabank to light the crowd and then a beauty dish with a little fill from a smaller softbox to give Colin a harsh key light look without losing the shadows. I love the overall idea and I've personally always wanted to work with a big group of people like in this video. If you are in NYC, check out Colin's stand up act and definitely head over to Monte's site to see some mind blowing advertising images as well as the largest group photo ever!

Comedian Colin Kane angry mob photo shoot with Photographer Monte Isom from monte isom on Vimeo.

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Luis Luna's picture

wath this guy does with his tumb?? is like he changes and old camera film i dont understand that can somebody help me??

Anonymous's picture

"Adding An Angry Mob Makes Any Portrait Interesting"

No. It obviously doesn't.

Nicholas gonzalez's picture

Great concept. Cool shot. I love the hard light on the comedian. Too many photographers want everything soft, but in this case it works here and relates to his profession, in which his is on stage in theatrical light.

George's picture

Monte has some other BTS videos on his site. I especially love this one :

F8 Studio's picture

Love it!

Anyone know where I can get one of those accordion sunshades they have on their laptop?? Is there one for my iPad?

Anthony N's picture

I always feel bad for the people who show up to these shoots excited only to not b seen in the photo because they're being blocked by something. In this case the comedian. Call me sensitive. :)

Bogdan Radu's picture

luis luna:

he uses a MF Mamiya Rz67 with a digital back.. he needs to crank the mirror back up after every shot since these cameras work with both film/digital backs ..

Jimmy's picture

This must have been a fun shoot, lots of energy from the crowd. The final image looked good too.

Jimmy's picture

Thanks for the link George, he has some nice videos on his site :)

Mike's picture

Great shot.

Lol @ the anonymous troll.