[BTS Video] Behind The Scenes with Portrait Photographer Fritz Liedtke

As an owner of a Lensbaby, I'm a big fan of what these lenses can do. In this video, Lensbaby goes behind the scenes to interview commercial and fine art photographer, Fritz Liedtke. Obviously there are other ways to get similar effects that Fritz shows us but by using the Lensbaby Composer Pro and the Edge 80 Optic, he is able to see it instantly and directly in the camera. Fritz is right when he says that having a couple of these lenses allows us to expand the possibilities for our work.

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His work and use of Lensbabies is incredible. 

If I didn't have my 85mm 1.8 already, I would've considered getting this lens, but ultimately after the gear-itch relented, abandoned the thought. Nothing will excite me in the dslr lens category more than leaf shutter lenses. 

WOW i need one of those lens baby and that Edge 80

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1. Fritz successfully caught my attention in an over saturated photographic, behind the scenes world.

2. His masterful work is (mostly) about vision (and the very affordable Lensbaby). Anyone may partake.

3. Anyone else have a similar magnificence to inspire us all?

Not to be pedantic Lauren, but it's "As *an* owner of a Lensbaby" not "As a owner of a Lensbaby". My prior offer to assist FStoppers with proofing and editing still stands.

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Thanks for looking out, David!

I appreciate how well spoken/soft spoken he is.  Most of the "behind the scene" videos or "this is what I use and why" videos are loud and fast.  He seems to genuine enjoy Lensbaby products and doesn't come across like a sponsored photographer or salesman.  Very nicely done!

This is very inspiring. Love the relaxed presentation. The lens is up on the list!