[BTS Video] Monte Isom Puts His Camera Dangerously Close To Hockey Players

Some of our readers might have met up with Monte Isom at last month's Fstoppers NYC Meetup. His videos have been fan favorites on the site and this week he is sharing another one of his commercial shoots. In this behind the scenes video, Monte shows you how he photographed his latest Molson Export Ale ad campaign featuring hockey players as they slide in towards the camera. As always, Monte has a lot of fun on his shoots and hopefully you can gain some ideas for shoots of your own from this video.

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Rick Denham's picture

ah man, if only I would have thought to shoot video when I took similar pic's a year ago, doh!



Go Habs Go ! :D Seriously, nice shoot ! But kinda weird to know those Quebec ads have been shot in New York... Lots of great shooters up here.

Is somebody out there having the same opinion?

looks like this guy took a tons of Photo gear to the shoot,
but i think most of the Photographers could do this also with a few little flashs like the nikon SB 28.

i dont want to be a dick, but this looks like this guy need 10000 $ of gear for 2000$ Pictures

agreed, that is a lot of kit and a lot of electrical wires all crossing over the rink and thousands and thousands of watts being used yet it is only giving the photographer a 2 foot radius to shoot in…

big hats off the the video guy, following the action to and out of the photo spot and general editing of the video is done very well.

Lots of equipment or not, the shots are awesome.   I guess you use what you know right?   If you're 100% comfy with your studio gear, and you have lots of slaves, I mean, assistants, around to carry it and set it up for you, then that's what you'll use.