[BTS Video] Tips On Using Natural Light And Strobes

In this behind the scenes video, Jay P Morgan shows us how he combined natural light and strobes to get that perfect shot while on location. First, he starts by determining where the sun is going to set on the horizon by using the very handy iPhone app, Sunseeker. For this project, he was shooting stills as well as video, which can get a bit tricky. Using a Kessler Crane he was able to get the video shots just before sunset. After the sun started setting he pulled out the strobe lighting; two Hensel Porty L 1200 kits. If you enjoy this video be sure to check out some of his other videos here.

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i like the strategy on using a full CTO then pulling the warmth out in raw conversion  to cool the sky and naturalize the skin. Great tip!

Sharon's picture

Great shoot. Great tutorial. I just kind of feel that the photos could use a little more space on the left, and less on the right, for better balance. The horse and the grave are almost near the edge and there's so much space behind the child (Pic 1) and the woman (Pic 2).

James's picture

lame content with the only intent of selling you the crane or the software ...