The Huck Finn Fashion Shoot

Kent Marcus was inspired by the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and wanted to do a fashion shoot with a little Swamp flair. Half way through the shoot he looses his main strobe in a water accident but continues flashing with his backup 580EXII. Check out the BTSV below and head over to his website to see the final images because they look much better there than in the video.

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patrick's picture

thank you for posting this...very informative and like the

Paddy Fernandez's picture

at 3:44
"makeup: karl lagerfeld"

George's picture

Great images. Too bad about the battery pack and PW.

Jeremy Lusk's picture

How do you reckon they got the smog hovering over the water? Did he just put dry ice into the water and it forms a fog when it bubbles up?

Remy Musser's picture

Great work! reminds me when I dropped one of my Mark III in a swimming pool...

kent Marcus's picture

There are two sources of the fog/smoke, smoke machine took care of the atmospheric and the water is from dry ice. Unfortunately I lost half my dry ice as it had to be purchased 2 days before the shoot.

Dan stone's picture

Great vid, amazing pics! so sad about the pack :( anyone got advice for smoke machines on location? I've got a cheapo indoor smoke machine, anyone used them with a generator?

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Hey Lee, I met you in Greenpoint a few months back when Frank Zurita brought you out to Van Gogh's. This video is great. I just got a pocketwizard mini and flex for Christmas and have been playing with em. When I told MaryLaura about it she said I should check out this vid. So here i am. Keep up the good work.

-Will Star

Will Star's picture

I totally meant to post the above in the Pocketwizard video comments haha.

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the question remains.... where does the speedlite's role of usability and the strobe's differ?

Shannon Wimberly's picture

Oh and.... great shoot! loved the images....

Jimmy's picture

I loved the one light shots at the end. A great selection of well executed images. Shame about the gear landing in the water, lesson learned I am sure: never leave a light stand up and unguarded.

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@paddy: Karl is a makeup artist and goes by the pseudonymn Karl Lagerfeld. Obviously not the real Karl Lagerfeld :)

@Dan: the smoke machine we used was an electric, plugged into a generator.

@Shannon: speedlights vs. strobes - where to start? Speedlights are portable which is their main advantage, they lack in the power and recharge speed department. You'll have trouble negating daylight with a speedlight, especially at midday and / or with a light-sucking modifier. is a great place to start.

Maryanne's picture

Boat pictures in particular are AMAZING. I'm ready to get some dry ice and head to our nearby Cypress swamp again. Thanks for sharing!

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Love the location. Great shots!