Kam Khan Shoots Clothing Fighting In "VS."

Kam Khan is most well known for his incredible self portraits but he decided to mix things up with his newest shoot. In the video below, Khan shows us how he brings clothing to life with some strobes and photoshop work. The video is by no means a big production but the concept is a pretty unique idea. Check out his full blog writeup here.

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That's a lot of lights for a simple shoot.

Love the Quote he mentioned: "There Are No Secrets. Everything that's out there is already out there. Everyone know how to do this stuff, its just How Do You Do It" (8:50)
Its Totally True!

Daniel Johansson's picture

It should be illegal to film and screencap with _that_ bad quality. =D

Not sure why he doesn't just place the stuff on the ground. :/

@Seshan - amazing solution. He really over complicated this thing didn't he?

@Seshan, true but maybe just to say that he did that without having to put the clothes on the floor. I once shoot an ace of spades on fire, standing on one corner and some of my peers were guessing as to the easiest way to do it. Some said hold it and photoshop others said a fishing wire, I just stuck it in a marshmallow and covered the marshmallow with clay chips. I thought it was a cool video though.