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Kevin Reed Exposes Fashion In 5 mins

Kevin Reed is a fantastic fashion photographer based out in LA and also NYC. He also has an excellent blog called Exposing Fashion where he has posted lots of tips, BTS, and bits of inspiration. Each year Kevin creates a new image to include in his holiday newsletter and this year he even filmed a fast behind the scenes video outlining the entire shoot. The lighting is pretty straightforward but it's always interesting to see how much work goes into the details. Usually it's these details that help separate the typical fashion or beauty images from the really great ones. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did.

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Jacopo Tarantino's picture

That was some of the most intense editing I've ever seen in my life. I didn't know that other people could be that extremely detailed.

Antoine Thisdale's picture

One thing that i find quite interesting is the size of his patching tool brush... so small. I usually go bigger... and that might explain why i have so much trouble LOL

Aside from that, pretty straight forward beauty shot. Very cool and "straight to the point" video.

Thanks for posting Patrick.

Manu's picture

That's a Pro!!!

Thanks for the video

Donal Romano's picture

All I can say is wow! Using such a small brush , or was it that, the image was at a ultra high resolution?(I mean it was a Phase One cam!)

Mark Mark's picture

That's some sh*t hot editing right there.

George's picture

Wow. What a fine example of "pore" retouching. ;-)

Richard Flores's picture

wow, this rocks!!!

Kon Iatrou's picture

Wow!! and a Happy New Year tot you too. Awesome shoot and amazing retouching!

stephen schmidt's picture

Who said "not everyone is beautiful"?
Amazing cutting and a fascinating insight into what it takes to be "beautiful". Thanx

Kristopher Armstead's picture

As a fashion photographer, I think alot of people give more credit to the editing than the other key aspects involved. The makeup artistry, the styling, the creative direction, and the lighting. If any of those areas slip up. There is no amount of retouching that will get that image looking how it does in it's current state.

Great video by the way, though I feel some of the steps taken in post were slightly heavy handed.

Burrben's picture

I agree with Kris. Too much in post. Looks very "airbrushed" and fake. If that's what they were going for...great. Somewhere in the middle is where she looked best. Combining "real" looks, with a few fixes works the best.

I'll bet this will be "out" soon, just like fake boobs. Fake looking images will gravitate to people who are real but beautiful.

Jimmy's picture

I cant remember who it was from but I had a Photoshop tutorial series about pro retouching and in that video they suggested using really small brushes around 5 pixels when working with skin.

I really love the quality that oozes from the image, not just in image detail but in the quality of the make-up and beauty of the model.

I would have to disagree with some of the comments about the retouching being too much. To my eye and what i can see in the video the skin has detail and is anything but over done. I think you have to take into consideration the pro make-up job.

Diamond Factory Studio's picture

Styling is awesome. The rest is normal :)