Learn How To Balance a Setting Sun With Strobes

In this video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P Morgan shows us a behind the scenes look at how you can achieve that colorful, rich-looking sunset. This is a technique that is a must if you do any type of portraiture or wedding photography. Your clients will be really happy with the results, not to mention it will look great in your portfolio. This photo shoot is for writer, Robert L. Harding's novel titled, Death of the Wayang. To get these results, Jay P. is constantly lengthening the shutter speed to let in more light. Because the exposure on his subject is consistent, the strobes remain at the same power.

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romain vernede's picture

I was expecting some light ratios between ambiant vs strobes
but nice job btw!

the photo's looked good....... up until the end when he ruined it in post

already seen on FS...

Post production is overdone!

Erik Johansson's picture

Nice film, but please be gentle with the post work!

yeah in commercial its good to have the photos look natural...

Mokhi's picture

I like jp's technique, but man he really mess things up at the end of each episode he films with his retouching. YUG!
+ how come did he choose the photo with the black edge around the subject.. it doesn't look very natural.. nonetheless thank you for the vid.