Leibovitz Shoots Sean Connery For Louis Vuitton

Annie Leibovitz is perhaps the most well known photographer in the world and her work always stands out from the crowded world of photography. While her Louis Vuitton campaign with Sean Connery is a few years old now, there is still a lot of great information to be gained from the beach shoot. Using nothing more than a Photek Softlighter, Annie balances her ambient light well with her soft broad lighting to create a really awesome series of images.


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Man, Sean Connery has gotten old!

That is one hell of a crew for a one light & one fan portrait ! I still don't get how she obtains this 3D look and this special render. Post-production ?

IMO, Exposing for the background then using a very close soft light (Was that a Softlighter?) to make the pop out..

Very cool.

She carries so much weight in the fashion, awesome lady. I also love this post movie look, which i could find something like this as a Lightroom plugin.

its gotta be post that gives it that edgey pop.
Its like Dave Hill and Jill Greenberg but super toned down

would be interesting to see how people -- anyone -- achieves such a nice look in their processed photo from what looks to be a fairly uninteresting scene in the video

man.. his right hand looks wacked from this angle, looks like jaja binks ... too much post.

great post and video. I love having the final image above the video for reference.

Oh it's not the post, Annie Leibovitz can simply change the physical properties of light and her camera at will. seriously though, this isn't some quick tutorial and a plugin type look, this is years of experience and mastery. have some reverence and awe for the elite.

goodness, I admire that woman so much.

Agree about the lots of post. I personally find it awesome. Plus Sean Connery is just too awesome.

they've reduced james bond to an old man watching his wife's purse :(

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