A Mobile Strobe with a Flash Duration of 1/25,000?!! Yes, Please.

I know the title of this article is a bit wordy, but I didn't know how to describe this beast of a lighting system in fewer words. 1/25,000th of a second! As you can see in the video, the new Profoto Pro-b4 1000 Air turns water into glass. It negates gravity. There is nothing you can't shoot with this rig. Plus it's field-ready, running off of a fast-recharging battery pack. It's almost enough to get this speedlite-only shooter to convert completely. If I could only scrape up the $10k that I would need.

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To compare the time you must know the T1 of the battery if it is larger than T1:2000 it is good if it is 3000 you can do decent splash photography the best is 4000.
Profoto says T 0,5= 1/25.000 tha is more or less T1= 8000 inpressive!!!!

Marios, I'm assuming you're talking about how fast the capacitor can fully deplete itself? This still does not answer the question about at what power or watt seconds you get the fast depletion or flash duration. The speed at which the capacitor can deplete itself is linked to how much power you're asking of it.


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It's too bad that at full power, the flash duration is shorter than 1/1600 sync with the PhaseOne IQ back and a leaf shutter lens. That means that I'd have to use it no more than at 1/4 power in super bright sunny conditions which almost negates the super fast flash duration. Booo.