Rayflash: How To Get The Ringflash Look On A Budget

Over the holiday we received a few emails about a video we shot where we used a ringflash as the key light (SB-800 Flash Mod). Obviously you can't shoot video with the ringflash look unless you have an expensive flash with a modeling light. But what if you want to shoot stills and get that hard yet even lighting that is common in macro and fashion photographs? Well if you already own an on-camera speedlight then you can use a product called the Rayflash to produce ringflash style images on a budget. I actually own one of these and use it every now and then, and what I really like about it is that I can use it on location where I would otherwise have to have a huge battery pack. If this sort of thing interests you, check out this video that was clearly made for ExpoImaging explaining the product. Any other Fstoppers readers using this product or something similar?

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I've been using the Rayflash now for about six months and definitely love it. Not for every situation, but for low-light, on-the-go portraits, it blows anything else away.

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I should add too that using this does take about 1 1/2 stops from your light. Using TTL that doesn't matter, but if you're trying to match it up with other lights, you have to rememeber to compensate.

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I hate how ringflash always gives red eye to my subject. And it looks odd on a non coloured background.

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Great video! Hey, does anyone know who the model is? David at one point says her name is Nikki, but there's no further information anywhere!


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I wish you guys wouldn't put ads up on this awesome blog.

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I'm using the O-flash, that's almost 10x cheaper on ebay! :)
O-Flash vs Rayflash:

And here is a little how-to knowledge to get more power out of the O-Flash:

Another advantage of the O-Flash is that is doesn't block the AF beam like the rayflash does.

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Hey guys

I love the effect of the utterly simple and totally cost effective continuous light ring flash.

Take a peek here:


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Am I the only one who doesn't like it?

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I've been using a rayflash on and off for a few months now and can recommend it. It'a a very particular look but really works for when you want something to 'pop'.

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I have a RayFlash. I bought it because it was more compact then the Orbis version. There are two disadvantages with its compact design. The first is the red light on the front of flash that helps you focus in low light situations is blocked by the unit. The second, is that there is no room to stick a pocket wizard under your flash.

I do have trouble with it creating red eye (actually more like brown eye).

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I was curious about read eye? doent seem to be any in these images - or were they fixed?

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Not having a space for the flash focus beam is a deal breaker for me.

The O flash thing doesnt have a full ring.

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Ringflash? Yea yea ... whatever ...
She's HOT!

BTW @Tomas ... this (cra)product "eats" more than 2 stops of your power and couple 100s of your money. Nope, you're not the only one that don't like it.

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Here is a photo Lee Morris took of me maybe 3 years ago with a Rayflash against a green background. I'm not sure how you would get around blocking the AF Illuminator problem with this design but it's still a handy accessory to have.


Fetching image ...
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I'm using the Orbis and I'm quite happy with it

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Are you intend to scare us with that pic????
Looks like that (not funny) email to fix your eyes for certain time!
Probably I won;t sleep tonight ... THANK YOU!

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Anyone using LED light panels? I've seen some arranged in circular shapes. How does the light output compare to a 40GN strobe?


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I am with you Javin. Also very cheesy.

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i love how the model poses when she takes pictures of him.

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Javin, if you want it to become even more awesome you will take the good with the bad :) lee and I are still going to keep it real....much more awesomeness to come I promise