[Video] A Modern Dancing Portrait Behind The Scenes

Von Wong has been featured on our site many times because he is constantly coming up with unique ideas. In this video Von Wong sets out on an unplanned photoshoot with a couple of dancers. Sometimes too much planning can actually limit your creativity. While many of us would have worked on a single shot, Von Wong came away with a group of excellent and completely different images. I asked why this video wasn't a contest entry and Von Wong said "Not epic enough!" I hope this means that an epic entry is on the way.

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I really like the picture he had taken when the dancers were in the fountain

I really like the photo of the two dancers in the fountain at 1:50

Working with Ben on this shoot was just awesome! :)

This guy is just insane ! It feels funny to see them swim in the city hall fountain I've passed by numerous times. The overhead shot in the corridor is amazing !

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Von Wong is always one photographer that Inspire me!

Von Wong's picture

Follow more of my work here: https://www.facebook.com/vonwongphotography

Thanks guys :) 

Super inspiring love your creativity!