What To Photograph In A $6000 A Night Vancouver Hotel Room

Photographer Dave Hamilton sent us a fun video he made a few weeks ago and I thought the photos were really interesting. It also reminded me of the time Lee and I shot in a similar hotel room :) So after telling Dave that our readers would really enjoy hearing more about his lighting and the setup, he created a second video outlining the entire day. Shooting in elaborate spaces that you aren't completely familiar with can be daunting and to execute a photo well you need to know how to maximize your light. It would be a shame to have a $6000 or $15,000 a night room and not utilize the space itself! Check out this video of the actual shoot and check out Dave's detailed video in the second video.

Dave Hamilton Photography Vancouver View Fashion Editorial from dave hamilton photography on Vimeo.

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Fantastic shoot, Dave Hamilton have done some cool shots ! =)
And would love to stay a few nights in that room, with that car at my disposal :D

That is awesome....been debating getting a boom and I think this sells me on the idea....

love the car - and love the nightime look

Was Dave using Nikon flashes with his Canon gear?

He did a great job, especially with the notice he had. It's so hard to have a great shoot without scouting first.

Great soundtrack, gotta love the audioslave.

I saw some of the behind the scenes shots from this shoot from a customer that came into the store I work at, ever since then I've wanted to see the photos from the shoot. Now that I have thy look great!