BTS Of Barbie's 2012 Fashion Collection Photos

Last year we posted a behind the scenes video of the 2011 Barbie fashion shoot and it was a massive hit. This year Mattel has once again teamed up with designer Robert Best and photographer/videographer Paul Jordan to create another amazing collection. The attention to detail in the clothing, set design, and lighting is staggering. Check out the full post for the images. 

Photographer Paul Jordan used a Panasonic GH2 with a Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 to film Robert Best's design process. The finished images are similar to images you would find in any current fashion magazine.

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would be great to know how the dolls stand up. Barbies cannot stand on their feet alone (the silkstones all come with a stand) and you can't glue the shoes to the floor as they would fall over anyway (their feet are too small). I thought they were held by a stand and eventually photoshopped out, but there is no evidence of such in the video

Glued maybe?

Fantastic work! Beautiful images and the BTS video! Well done! 

Dolls aren't my thing but this is truly amazing work! And a brilliant bts too. Impressive