BTS of the Pistachio Super Bowl Ad Performed by PSY

Whether you watched the Super Bowl or not, it's very possible you saw the now world famous PSY perform an adapted version of "Gangnam Style" for a pistachio commercial. I have to admit, when I first saw the commercial, I was taken off guard by the lack of connection. Still, I've thought about pistachios since, so I guess the marketing campaign worked. 

WaterProof Pictures was the company responsible for filming the ad and offered a quick behind the scenes of the filming involved in the K-pop commercial.

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The shot of PSY riding the pistachio at the end was hilarious!

Andrew Griswold's picture

Well that answers that questions about those being woman or men inside those suits. I remember reading a few articles about how those legs are "WAY TO BUFF TO BE A WOMAN". Haha