[BTS Video] Irina Shayk Exposes An Elle Magazine Photo Shoot

It's pretty rare that a solid behind the scenes video comes from a super high end photoshoot. Usually they aren't full of much photography insight and instead focus on the model. But that doesn't mean you can't get inspired and learn something from the best of the best. In this video supermodel Irina Shayk and makeup artist Baltasar Gonzalez Pinel talk about their recent cover shoot for Elle Magazine Spain which involves a lot of body beads. In the second video (found in the full post), you can see how a simple hard light with some reflectors can produce a super high end fashion result. Check out Santiago Esteban's website for some amazing fashion images.

Body Art Shoot

Hard Light Studio Shoot

Interview With Irina

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steve wong's picture

is it martin prihoda?

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i should have watched the vid first...nope its not martin!!!

The photographer is Santiago Esteban, http://santiagoesteban.com he is  an habitual photographer for Elle Spain.

....yeah i wouldn't feel "dressed" wearing a bit of fancy sequins.

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Much ado about...

ado ?

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As in the classic Shakespeare play "Much ado about nothing"   :)

For all of Irina's unquestionable beauty, I'm much more intrigued by a photographer's vision and what he/she does WITH that beauty.

(Nonetheless, I always appreciate these posts and admire the behind the scenes peek with the hard lights and cookies)

Wow! I recently did a shoot similar with that! With swarovski crystals and everything!
We used the crystals mostly on the face though and it wasn't that big of a production overall :P
Here are a couple of examples



sorry, was there some photography happening there? I was having trouble focusing.

[spoken in Tasmanian Devilese]–––– "YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!   SLIPOPOPALISPOLPSOLIPSOLOPILITOLOT!!!!!"