Cole Barash Shoots Sports Silhouette's

It's rare that I watch a BTS video that gets me all excited but Cole Barash has done it. This video reminds me of what Fstoppers is all about because I am once again inspired. When you think that it has all been done before it's nice to be reminded how wrong you are. Check out the final shots from this fantastic shoot here. Please remember to comment below and give this photographer some love.

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Very cool.

Great work! Like the simplicity of the look!

WOW! These are Awesome!


Way to be creative! I haven't even looked at the final images and I can already imagine them. The graphic design side of me is already thinking of how I could use these types of images for advertising…

Way to keep the creative vibe alive and inspiring the rest of us to keep pushing forward for new and different imagery and design.

james darden's picture

Very cool entry. It would have nice to get a few details on what lights he was using to get such a nice spread across the backdrop. And even though it looked almost pitch black, what time were these shot?

this is great. Wall of light. i love that. Great work.

Love the look, great work!

cole has hands down been one of my personal inspirations evern since i saw his work. kids young and has been making covers since he was even younger. keep it up man your defining what action sports photography is all about!

love the "studio feel"-- highlights the sports as icons. I love the splash of colorful jerseys in some shots.

awesome work!

he was using profoto lighting. lots of power. but im sure the same look can be achieved with a few alien bees or white lightnings and a few trips to home depot and walmart. oh and imagination helps too. lol

Wicked Sick!

Very creative! I love the basketball shot with the one player sitting in the foreground, watching.

Very cool. Any idea what he used for the background, sheets?

Amazing pictures! It really gets me inspired!

Wow, great photos!!