Contest Entry: Sans Talbot's Spitfire

As Lee has posted earlier, this week we are going to continue to feature some of our favorite BTS videos from the FS Contest. Austin, TX based photographer Sans Talbot really raised the bar on the contest when he filmed the shooting of his visual concept "Spitfire". This video is great on many levels but what I really love is the effort Sans puts into educating other photographers on how they too can get other creative professionals involved in their photoshoots. Sans also goes into great detail about how he combined multiple images to create one large file for his final rendering. Enjoy.

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by far, this is one of my favorite tutorials and images. Excellent!

Very awesome!

This is by far the best BTS. It covers so many topics, and explains so clearly everything. If the winner is the one that teaches the most, we've got a winner.

While, I'm not a fan of his final image (just personal preference), I think this is a great tutorial. It's very informative and shows how much you can do with just a little equipment and creativity.

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This video is awesome. It has to be the winner of the contest.

I will watch it again, several times, since it has so many good tips and techniques.

Great, beyond "good", job, Sans. Thank you for it.

This was insane. This guy deserve it. Hands down. Whoa.

There is a big difference between wants and needs. Although you may want a better camera you have clearly shown you don't need a better camera.

mad respect

wow... thats amazing! A very good video. But why doesn´t the link work?


Wow, that was cool, sounds like he wants better stuff, but personally I don't think he needs it! lol

Very informative. And with only one speedlight and one alien bee.. amazing

Love it! got my vote!
the link is not working to the photoshop stuff tho ;-)

That is one complete BTS video ! Sure, it's not as sexy as some others showing the set with big lights and stuff, but he even explains how he made his casting (which really nice). Nice job Mr Talbot !

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So much information that you have to watch more than once. Its the best BTSV by far!!

Very Informative.
I would vote for it

AMAZING, I'am speechless.

I've definitely learned the most from this video so far. He covers a very different aspect than most of the other videos. Some great ideas for finding and attracting good talent to work with.

I'm not crazy about using language like "this is a collaboration" and "another model could take your spot" to manipulate people into being part of something like this, but it's a good BTS video.

Excellent concept and excellent execution. I am impressed with the kind of attention to detail that extends to the different color temperatures of the light on the wall. This is a photographer who probably has a full-time job as an engineer or something in a very technical field. I have seen some excellent entries in this contest but this one is a step above the rest. I could have used a little less about his manipulation to find subjects, but he proves the point that it is possible to find models, and artists that will trade for experience. Nicely done Sans. This is a very compelling image.

This really is ingeniously put together, very impressed!

Excellent video. Just shows what can be done when creativity and ability outweigh resources! Keep up the great work. gets my vote.

Great video. The best I've seen yet.

yet another high class tutorial,
I really like the explanation on the planning and collaboration phase
this has been really useful to me and I will surely help him to get the camera because he really need it haha...

Love this vid!! By far my favorite!

Great concept, well executed with minimal equipment. The video (and audio commentary) is clear and easy to follow with lots of information and concentrates on the project, not fancy video effects. I have learnt a lot.

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This is nice,I like how it gives a whole different view. So much more emphasis on the planning! I could learn a thing or two from this =]

Great work with limited equipment...I love it! Good Job!

very creative and smart about the equipment, planning, etc. I want his link to work, though! (I'll still vote for you.)

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What link are you referring to? His website link works fine and the video is embedded correctly. Are you referring to something else?

This one gets my vote.