How To Build A Cyclorama AKA Cyc Wall

Are you planning to build your own studio one day? If not, this video probably won't interested you. But, if you do dream of having a studio (like most photographers do) then this video will get you one step closer. The incredibly talented Sam Robles takes you through the step by step process of building a cyc wall from scratch.

How to build a cyclorama wall from Sam Robles on Vimeo.

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Haha, ya this is something that only photographers desire. Any average person just wouldn't understand.

So tight. I bet sanding took forever on that!

It's so smooth! This is actually one of those projects I want to do myself, but don't have the skill or patience to do.

They must be justin b fans. Baby baby. But that was a nice video. When I had my studio I bought fiberglass pieces that was molded into the wall. I had the whole wall to the plaster stage in half a day. I would like to see how it stands humidity and wear. I hope Sam can let us know.

LOL...they were bumpin Justin Beeber in the background.

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Sam! Glad this video finally came out; you've been working on this since the beginning of Fstoppers...I think people will really find this interesting; I'm definitely jealous of that space. Great work bud

Very nice Sam...kudos!

Thanks everybody, I'm glad it's been helpful!
Nathan O'kane - sanding was a nightmare, I tried doing it myself, hired somebody and then had to hire someone else to fix the curves and make it smooth.
Chris Igot - it really takes a lot of patience, but it's doable.
MopTop - it was a coincidence, the carpenter is used to work listening the studio is located in South Florida, very humid here, so far no problems. It's very strong, we tested before building the whole wall, step on it, kick it, so far so good, the only time I had an issue was when one of my clients king of walked on the curves and the plaster king of cracked between two parts of wood, but it was an easy fix.
Patrick Hall - thanks man! Anytime you want to shoot in south Florida you are very welcome to use the space!

hey, Sam how much did all of this cost you? materials, painting, carpenter etc? and how long did it take to build?

nice. that thing is big enough to shoot cars or small airplanes... ok, maybe not planes. good stuff, though. it was the best studio i've ever rented. i'll be renting again. by the way, we're still on for the justin bieber concert, right? jk. peace, man.

Hey czed, it took me around 3 weeks to get it done because I only had few hours a day to work on it. I end up spending around $1200, the carpenter is a good friend of my, so he gave me a good deal, other wise it would be a lot more. I got all material from a local building supply store.

Just uploaded around 70 shots we took while building the cyc wall. There are several pictures showing how we did the corner and other details. To see just go to

My ears are not perfectly trained for english... sorry but... what kind of paints did you use for the floor and walls?