How To Shoot Motorcycles In The Studio

James Douglas was commissioned to shoot high end bikes for Riders Alley's catalog. He was kind enough to shoot a simple BTS so that we could also be a part of the fun. I enjoyed seeing the relatively simple background and lighting produce a great finished product.

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Nathan O'Kane's picture

Cool shoot. I wanted to see the final shots and I didn't find them on his site...

Paddy Fernandez's picture

they are on his blog nathan:

Roy Patton's picture

shoot is cool, the finals were cool, however imho, the images were just too generic, meaning the lighting is all the same to me...

Lee Morris's picture

@ Roy, I agree but I think that is the point. These images are simply used a reference for those in need of renting them for other shoots. They need to all look similar for the catalog.

martin's picture

Nice and sleek, but I just don't understand why they didn't unfold a bit more paper.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Not a lot to sink your teeth into here, but the music was perfect.

Kennie's picture

@ Roy & Donnie, I totally agree with you both
@ martin, I asked myself the same question, maybe save paper for other more importand things ;)

There is nothing new to learn from this video :(

Let's face the facts: white backdrop, white fill cards on each side and two large softboxes from above = ???


Holy Smoke, Batman!

@ Lee, I could unterstand your argument, but a big light tent is not rocket science. So please tell me, where are the gobos which will seperate the white motorcycle parts from the white background???

Those are 101 basics. :(

jimmitofthoj's picture

When you´re doing tethered shooting, wouldn´t you then be able to spare yourself the cable between the camera and your computer and use a wifi card like this: ? Does anybody know ?

Why wasn't the floor white as well?  I would have made the floor white too, either with more paper covered with clear plexiglass, or white mason board.