Peter Hurley: The Art Behind The Headshot DVD Pre-Order Begins Now

Update: The DVD is now Available for purchase here.
A few months ago Patrick and I flew up to NYC and filmed our first ever full length DVD (dual DVD actually) with Peter Hurley. The DVD is still being edited but we can finally see an end in sight.

Initially we didn't plan on having a pre-order but when Peter Hurley decided to start teaching workshops, we decided to create a special pre-order deal. When the dual DVD is released, it will cost $300. If you purchase it before October 1st, 2011, we will give you a $300 credit towards any of Peter's workshops (and this can be used at any time) so you are actually getting the DVD for free. Peter is also going to personally sign all of the pre-ordered DVDs. Patrick and I are working as fast as we can to edit this DVD while managing and also shooting a wedding every weekend. Things are busy but we hope to have this DVD released sometime this summer. Head over to Hurley's website to sign up for "The Headshot Intensive," his new 2 day workshop. There are currently 4 slots left for his first workshop on May 21-22.

Click here to pre-order the DVD today
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how about their foreheads

M's picture

 This video was hilarious, but personally I think $300 is a little much for a dvd. 

I don't live in new york or la (pretty far from both).  So unfortunately I probably wouldn't even be able to make use of the workshops if I wanted to :(.

Maybe consider selling it for a bit less if you have enough orders? :D

I really like his personality. Seems like a nice, relaxed, down to earth guy.

Its great to have a headshot-specific video. And seeing his previous videos it will certainly be worth the price.

How much will that workshop credit last? 2 years are ok?

at this point we are not putting any sort of expiration date on your credit. If you have the page that proves you preorded, Peter Hurley will give you that in a discount for any of his workshops at any time.

I want the dvd and i'd like to go to the workshop! Now all I have to do is find me a sponsor :p

I guess you guys don't seem to find this as funny as we did (as seeing from the star ratings). Lighten up people!

I guess it's one of those "you had to be there" moments. I got a laugh out of it but as an advertisement for a $300 DVD and a $1500 2-day class it doesn't do it for me. (Not to knock the price of either - one-on-one follow-on mentorship with Peter Hurley after the workshop is an awesome value added deal)

Ya, this isn't the "real" promo for either the DVD (we will release that once it actually launches), this was just supposed to be a funny insight into the character of Peter. I think everyone was expecting a DVD promo and got an outtake video and perhaps that was a bad call on our part for combining the two.

LOL yeah what William said. I like Peter though. This dude seems mad cool. $300 dvd? Better have Sean Armeta doing retouching tutorials on it too. And if its talking about, "You look so hot and yeah that's a sexy face", you wont be selling this to schools or women with power issues.

Trust me, we know the price is high but we can justify it. I assumed this DVD was going to be all about headshots and after shooting for 3 days I was shocked at everything I had learned about photography in general. This DVD set is going to have way more than anyone currently thinks and we will do our best to prove it when we launch the real promo video.

I'lll save the outtakes for the end of the DVD :)

Training is important, people spend way too much money on their gear instead of training. I think if someone who wants to shoot Headshot is better to spend 300$ instead of 1800$ for a 24-70mm f/2.8 because a lot can be done with just a simple 50mm f1/8.... I think this video is great but maybe you're right, maybe it should have talked about what's in the video but hey you can post several video here so who cares? Not a bad call at all. but I think a video or a post about what you can find on that DVD is important.

quite true. I just didn't want to start talking about all the nitty gritty stuff that is going to be in the DVD before we totally finished editing it. Those details will be released soon!

I want this dvd to show me how to get enough money to own a Hasselbad and not lease it for $400 a month. Im sure once you reach Hasselblad money your attitude towards photography changes. I be you walk around like, "Heo yeah I'm walking around with a $20,000 camera, even IF I suck, you won't think so because I walk with my chin up. "

People will be like, "why did you bring a camcorder", and you can be like, "this camera has 60 mega pixels and can see into the future of this shoot and trust me it will be awesome."

People say the camera doesn't make the photographer, well true but I bet it's a huge confidence booster knowing your are holding a car in your hands and the kit lens cost more than other peoples whole camera system.

Haha I think we should have named this DVD "my camera can see into the future"

Nick Shek's picture

that's a new fstoppers t-shirt right there.

Rex Larsen's picture

Good luck selling your $300 DVD

Patrick Hall's picture

Thanks Rex! I really think this might be one of the most educational DVDs out there for a photographer. I mean this isn't any ol photographer talking about how to be's the top headshot photographer in the country who shoots A level talent day in and day out. I've def paid more to hear less successful and inspiring photographers lecture about things that ultimately never changed the way I approached my work. Peter has probably changed the way I approach my work more than anyone I've ever worked with....and I'm not even a headshot photographer :)

You guys steal everyone else's videos to feature on Fstoppers...and then you're going to charge $300 for your own producted video? Wow! Way not to suck guys!

ToriGee, what are you talking about? Nothing gets steal here.. People wants to have their Behind the scene here. I asked mine to be published and it was. Lots of photographer has been found because of this site. What is being done here is the total opposite of stealing. It's one of the only community where everyone is willing toactually try to help each other..well I see of course there's exception... but Most of the people who post in here are here to help in anyway they can. Sure everybody like to be publish so that people gets to know them. Anyway, like everything else, if you don't like it, don't buy it or don't read it but please don't write things that are so negative to people who for more than a year has been helping the photography community.

My apology...the fact that the DVD is autographed totally makes it worth $300.

Any estimate on when pre-order will close?

Sean Shimmel's picture

First, I always respect your thoughtful (and fun posts).

As for this $300 offering? Hmmmmm.... not so much.

Based purely on immediate intrigue, I'd have to choose one of Joe McNally or Joel Grimes' tutorial sets.

Again, I'm sure it is packed with value, but...

(cough) $300?

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Not much of a promotional video. Doesn't make me want to buy it, sorry guys.

I think the initial thought people have in reference to the value varies depending on what type of photographer you are. Peter Hurley is a master in his field. Not just because his camera sees in the future either. There is a real ART behind doing head shots. Evoking expressions, and then fine tuning them vocally to the client is a talent in itself. Not to mention the fine details that go into a head shot. If you are a portrait photographer, a beauty photographer, or a fashion photographer, this should be a no-brainer. Consider it an investment toward furthering your general knowledge of the art. Consider it another tool to fine tune your arsenal of knowledge.

You guys steal everyone else's videos to feature on Fstoppers...and then you're going to charge $300 for your own producted video? Wow! Way not to suck guys!

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm not sure I see your logic here Tori. We don't steal everyone else's videos, we promote them. Everyone we have featured on FS has put their video online publicly to be viewed and in many cases we have sent more viewers and brought more attention to that photographer than anyone else.

We also produce a TON for free content including a 10 min video on Peter Hurley himself. That video alone cost us a lot of money to fly to NYC, Film him all day, and edit it down for more than 40 hours. Imagine the amount of FREE time we have given away in making the Bon Jovi, iphone, pocket wizard, wakeboard, and other videos...and at the end of the day we encourage other sites to 'steal' our videos for free as well. That's how an open and sharing community should work.

In term's of the price of the DVD...$300 really isn't much money at all IMO. I think a lot of our readers probably don't even have a photosession that is below $300 for their clients and I'd be hard pressed to find a piece of gear in my bag that I use often that is worth less than $300. In the end you have to view this product as Continuing Education which in any field is expensive because it is an investment (flight, seminar, meal, hotel, etc, etc).

Peter put over 36 hours into this video just filming it and we are putting in 100s of hours in producing and editing the video. This is an entirely different beast of a DVD than anything I've ever seen. Peter is THE TOP guy in this field and he's showing you how he works with real paying clients. He is also telling you exactly how he markets his business. IMO that amount of knowledge from someone as successful as Peter is really invaluable if your goals are to make photography not only your living but also your retirement.

Ultimately, this DVD is not for 90% of our readers because 90% of our readers are probably DSLR enthusiasts and are not interested in making a full time career out of photography. It's also not for gear heads because they will never realize that education is the MOST important investment in this field. It's also not for those photographers who think they have it all figured out and business is booming. I'll be honest, Lee and I were both floored when we saw what Peter was able to do with people's faces that we joked it was like magic. I've learned so much from watching him, and I have no doubt that those skills will help me sell more clients and make the people in my photos look that much more amazing.

Sorry for the long reply to such a simple post. This might be the only time I get to sit down and respond to a lot of the comments all at once. We are always interested in everyone's thoughts

300 bucks, and people cry about it, as would have been expected. What these people don't take in to account is that those 300 dollars may give you something that'll make YOU money in the end. Paying 300 bucks for a better insight and the possibility to step my game up and get more clients, while my competitor stays in the same mediocre shape (while I steal his clients)? It's a no brainer, people.

That being said, this, of course, pumps up the expectations of this DVD quite alot, so I expect the DVD to be as informative and thorough as needed for the 300 dollar price tag. But seeing the earlier video starring Peter Hurley this should be no problem. :)

I think $300 price point is too steep.
I'll be honest, it will soon end up on torrents.
Here's an idea:
Remember what apple did with Snow Leopard update?
It was the first OS upgrade that a majority of people paid for, including me instead of torrenting.
Same with new Final cut, most people I know are ready to buy it at the new lower price point
& lastly apple TV. At the new $99 price point it's selling like hotcakes.
I believe if this DVD was priced lower you could make more money as you would have more volume.
Just my 2 cents

You complainers really don't understand the value in this? Then stop bitching about it and move on. I think you're complaining cause you want to learn it so badly, but you don't want to have to pay for it. Get out of here then. I can also promise you that this DVD is worth way more then the price of admission. I'm in Peter's market and I'm not touching his share. I hope to be reaching that vloume at some point, but I'll be picking this up as an "investment" in my business. Damn you guys are whiners.

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