Projecting Your Photographs Back Onto Your Photographs

This video was recently featured on Strobist but since we've been getting so many emails about it I figured we'd share it with those of you who missed it. David Myrick decided to try something rather strange when the electronic group Glitch Mob strolled into his studio. Basically he shot portraits of the band members on a white seamless background and then projected those images back onto the artists as they wore white clothing. If this sounds confusing just watch the video and it will all make sense. Fresh ideas like David's "projection technique" continues to inspire me in my own work. What do you guys think - anyone tried this technique before?

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Very creative and actually well done. I say actually because I didn't think the first image would project that clean and clear but they sure as heck did it. That's really cool. I could see this being ripped off and done by Vogue. That's how cool it is.

Payam Jirsa's picture

Great concept, vision and execution. They did an amazing job matching up the vision of the photographs with the band's name and concept. I have seen this technique before, I know Jeremy Cowart used this same technique for a shoot for Imogen Heap a while back. 

Sorry dudes, boring ! Not seen the big picture man ? Not intuitive at all. Bla bla bla, bla bla bla.

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Positives: lots of way hard work (I admire their vision combined with the sweat to follow through)

Negatives: lots of way hard work (for so little visual payoff?)

Mark Alameel's picture

I was also disappointed because the pay off was too small for the amount of work, especially considering that this could have been easily achieved in post. I do not care (as the viewer) how an image was made, only how great is the final image. (Even though as creative professionals we like to see other technics...)

Didn't finish watching it. BORING!!

I like it! The concept is very creative.

it was a cool idea that fell a bit short, I think the projections looked clear enough that another photographer can take this idea further.

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Very interesting that you guys found this boring...maybe it's not the most exciting video itself but I loved the concept and the approach.  

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The initial idea holds promise:

Kind of like Microsoft's stab at a touch pad...Then Apple, making it all... worthy

The Glitch Mob!! I saw them open at Bass Center II in Asheville in February and they're coming back by on tour in July! Really cool find Patrick.

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What a cool idea, I bet it was expensive to get a projector to go that bright?

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I really like the creative approach

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Reminds me of a project I attempted at college - I just ended up with a roll of 120 film of a model in front of a white background! Wish I could have spent more time learning about exposures online back then! Would have saved me loads of money wasting film!