Robert Gallagher Shoots Matt Kemp for Forbes Magazine

Robert Gallagher knows his way around commercial photography. On this assignment, he puts Matt Kemp, a baseball player for the Dodgers, in front of the camera to shoot the cover of Forbes Magazine. As can be seen in the video, the studio set up includes 4 different lights. With a few assistants, Robert also manages to snag a one-light shot in the tunnel heading out to the field.

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Really cool little BTS. wonder, what was that little square reflector being held in the tunnel. it looked thicker than just a mini reflector. Maybe a LED bank?

I think it was one of this guys:

I use them mainly for video.. but it seemed that he used it also in the studio

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Cool bts video. So much can be gathered here in his setups. I love the simplicity of the lighting. As Peter Hurley has said, the expressions by the subject, are key. The quality of that light panel at the end, was cool too.

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 really love this photographer!
nice work!