30 Days, 80,000 Photos, One Awe-Inspiring Time-Lapse

After seeing the hundredth time-lapse, it can become a little difficult to appreciate the incredible sight of an aurora creeping over hills in Iceland. Do many of us suffer from "art fatigue" where seeing so much great work online can make us a little numb to incredible sights? I admit this was the case for me until I saw this time-lapse from JeffHK.

Of course, art is subjective and each individual may react differently depending on the piece. I for one, however, find this time-lapse to be incredibly inspiring, watching the "tiny" vessel floating on the vast ocean as the world changes around it. My favorite moments were seeing the lightning storms at night with shooting stars flying across the frame. At certain moments in the video, it almost seems to me like the clouds are within arms reach.

The equipment that JeffHK used to shoot this time-lapse was the Nikon D750 and the Rokinon 12mm f/2.8 lens. All in all, it took 30 days 80,000 images to create this time-lapse. JeffHK may need to start looking at replacing his shutter soon. 

I'd love to know if there are any works of art that you've seen recently that have inspired you or made you feel the need to create something yourself.

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What's the leftover shutter actuation life of such a camera after so many exposures?

People that do such monotonous, but important, jobs deserve a lot of respect. The same goes for truckers. As for the time lapse, I can't recall the last time I was impressed by one. The wow effect for them wore off a longtime ago. Interesting though.

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I agree it's tough work thank you for the comment. I think the D750 has a shutter life of 150k so this time lapse was more than half that.

Time lapses aside, have you seen any works of art that made you think wow?

I honestly can't think of any at the moment, at least not man made. As I've gotten older I'm less impressed with the most obvious and more impressed with the least obvious, the subtle, and even what is hidden. I also appreciate more the things that are simpler. I guess after a certain age that happens.

What's funny and ironic is that time lapses are very good at exposing and highlighting such things. What spoils it for me though is that the wow effect of the time lapse kills my interest when it becomes more important than the subject and when it is overused. Before digital photography time lapses were done with film but like a strong spice the effect was usually lightly used and mixed in with normal sequences. The speeding through a tunnel or city being good examples.

Unfortunately I honestly think that young people today require far more audio/visual stimuli to peek their interest and to keep it. You see it in movies and TV shows of today where audio and video effects are heavily used. For example, compare a typical horror movie of today to one from the 70s. The later is much quieter and far more subtle.

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Thank you for the comments, Bob, I really appreciate it. You make some very interesting points. Please stay in touch.

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I usually can't sit through too many timelapse videos over 30 seconds, but this was beautiful, mesmerising, and informative! It looks like something PBS should do as a miniseries of shorts before or after episodes of NOVA.

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I thought this was so cool, I sat and watched the whole thing and normally a 2 minute timelapse is too long.

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I love this type of time lapse. Will sit through this one again, any time. Part of this admiration stands from the fact that all through my working life, I was mostly inside a building. Great to see the container ship going through Straits of Malacca to Singapore and up to Hong Kong. Great work and thank you

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Thank you for the comment Elan, much appreciated. You should check out his channel, he has some really cool videos.

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Thank you. Will do.

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One of my favorite youtubes, no clickbait, no bullshit, great informative content that's always well shot.

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I agree, some awesome stuff from him. Thanks for the comment Mike.

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Loved watching this. And the music was great too. Thank you for this.

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Thank you Novak, really appreciate the kind comment.

What an incredibly beautiful time elapse, one of the best I've ever seen. I shared it on my page and people were mesmerized. Great, soothing music, too. I've watched it a couple of times before bed, sort of like a mini meditation to quell all the negative news lately, and it does help. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely motion art. :)

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You're very welcome, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. You should check out his YouTube channel he has some properly awesome videos.

Thanks for the comment.