Chase Jarvis Breaks Down a Time Lapse Set Up

If you've ever wondered about a simple, travel friendly time lapse setup, check this out. During his recent time in South Africa, Chase Jarvis was able to use four different cameras to capture time lapse sequences over the course of two hours. Not only does Chase break down the settings he uses, he also explains how time settings of his camera will translate to a final product at 24 fps.


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I think the GoPro shots were much more enticing than the DSLR shots

Whats up with all the shaky footage Chase? I don't know about you guys but the time lapse clips shown in this video are mediocre at best. 

It's probably from traffic vibrations. I thought that the shake added to the time-lapse, personally. Especially with the closer shot of the peak.

What's the issue he spoke about having the case for the gopro?  I've never had a issue but in if it was really a big issue, why'd he have a case on his second gopro?

Jens Marklund's picture

Probably so he could mount it with a real clamp to the tripod. Less stuff in front of the lens, most likely gives less flares etc. and better sharpness.