The Making Of 'Paris In Motion:' How To Make a Hyperlapse

We were all stunned by Mayeul Akpovi's 'Paris In Motion' timelapse a few months ago. A spectacle of incredible timelapse techniques, the video was awesome and had many of us trying to figure out how he did it. Well, Mayeul has come clean, and let us in on the little secret. Check out the surprisingly simple technique in this short video, which was just recently released.

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Michael Kelley ( is a Los Angeles-based architectural and fine art photographer with a background in digital art and sculpture. Using his backgrounds in the arts, he creates images that are surreal and otherworldly, yet lifelike and believable. A frequent traveler, Michael's personal work focuses on the built environment of unique

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holy shit! thanks for posting, so cool!

How do you know how many time do you need to be on a certain spot before you move so that the resulting movie comes as smooth as possible? And how far should you move to take the next set of photos?

Yes, I have the same question. 

and  also not clear how do you manage focus!! auto or manual focus?? with auto focus you cant get such a smooth video( I think). and its really hard to work with manual focus, specially if you are walking with your tripod!!

manual focus, with aperture around f/16 should be fine most of the time =)

"one breath" of time - shoot, "one breath of time" - step and so on and so forth

out FREAKING standing...


This is unbelievable! When I saw "Paris in Motion" I thought he had a huge dolly track or at least some sort of cart with minimal stabilization used in post. I am in awe that After Effects does such a good job. I need to start using it more.

Great video and BTS Mike. Love it!

- Joe


Cool post - want to go out and try this now!

Sweet that he doesn't even use a rail or anything, seems pretty low tech but the results are awesome.
Ah, the track to BTS is The Glitch Mob, check them out everyone :) Also featured in this really sweet BTS Chase Jarvis vid:

I'm SO going to do this!

hi, could you please tell me how you stabilized the fountain sequence? I used ae´s warp stabilizer but it terribly zooms in and out when moving around the fountain?! Or did you use motion tracking?

good info, thanks for that ... i tried out hyperlapse last year after seeing some other videos, here's my first attempt =)