The Best Clips From Most Beautifully Filmed Oscar-Nominated Movies

The Best Clips From Most Beautifully Filmed Oscar-Nominated Movies

The Oscars are coming up this Sunday, February 28th. There are two categories that we photographers care about most: Visual Effects and Cinematography. Do you know which films are nominated and have you watched all eight of them? Don't worry; I've got you covered. 

First, let's start with Visual Effects. The five movies that are nominated are:

  1. "Ex Machina"
  2. "Mad Max: Fury Road"
  3. "The Martian"
  4. "The Revenant"
  5. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

Have you seen all five of these movies? I certainly haven't. Luckily, the guys at Art of the Film put together a 90-second video that shows the most impressive visual effects from each of these movies.

Next up, we have Cinematography. The five movies nominated in this category are:

  1. "Carol"
  2. "The Hateful Eight"
  3. "Mad Max: Fury Road"
  4. "The Revenant"
  5. "Sicario"

I personally haven't seen a single one of these movies. Luckily, the same guys made another 90-second montage from each of these movies as well.

As a photographer, I should probably take the time to see the two movies nominated in both categories: "The Revenant" and "Mad Max: Fury Road." Maybe one of them will win both. Maybe Leo will finally win too... 

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Peter Nord's picture

Thanks Lee, I wouldn't have seen those clips if you hadn't written the article. I hadn't seen them either. Now I want to go.

The Revenant is brutal but also extremely beautiful.

Kyle Medina's picture

Stopped watching it. I don't get the hype, I guess it was to slow for me.

Peter Timmer's picture

Visual effects: Star wars
Cinematography: The revenant

I have to say i don't agree with the statement that to us photographers visual effects and cinematography is the most important. To me the story is the most important thing, even when making a photograph. :)

Sicario has the best story in my opinion.

Do go see Ex Machina, too. A very intelligent movie, and visually beautiful.

The cinematography in the Hateful Eight is amazing. Go see it at one of the theatres that is projecting in film, there was only one in my state. Mad Max is amazing as well. Tough choice.

Terry Henson's picture

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Terry Henson's picture

My dad is full-blooded Native American. Even if he was not, you are a massive idiot.

Terry Henson's picture

Dude....I checked out your profile and not only do you not have any photos, but it appears all you do is troll. I am disappointed I even have continued this conversation this far. I am not saying you are ignorant because I believe you are educate. I do however get the sense that you have a mistrust of almost everything. For that I feel sorry for you.

Matias Chahbenderian's picture

I enjoyed so much watching The Revenant, I was shocked by the scenes wondering ''how did they do it?!, altough I liked more The Hateful Eight 'cause of the story, dialogues or because I just love Tarantino. Too sad that in Argentina didn't do the Roadshow...

The "Roadshow" version of Hateful Eight was awesome to see projected. The super wide perspective of the 70mm was stunning on the big screen for that particular story especially in the tight interior of the cabin. I thought it helped maximize the tension. You just have to get past Tarantino's use of the N-Bomb. Dude sprays those like The A-Team used bullets (everywhere and with minimal efficiency)

Paul Alderete's picture

The Danish Girl photography was just amazing, sad that it did not get a slot for Cinematography