Behind The Scenes Of Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible Stunts

I'm a big fan of sci-fi and action movies but cheesy looking special effects have been destroying scenes more and more these days. Tom Cruise has become known for his incredible, self performed stunts; especially in the Mission Impossible series. This video covers all of Tom's most impressive and dangerous scenes in each of the MI movies. 

Mission Impossible 5 comes out this weekend and once again Tom has raised the bar again as he hangs on to the outside of a cargo plane as it takes off and flies around. I'm not sure the movie will be any good but the cinematography looks amazing. Check out the latest promo below. 


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Nathan Hamler's picture

That dude is a Grade-A Badass.....Scientology and all lol

Joe Watson's picture

This is rad, but I'll never forget this gem...

Jay Briggs's picture

Hanging off of that plane is just insane, but wow

Junior Robles's picture

One of my hereos.