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Get This Free Pack of Dynamic Video Transitions for Davinci Resolve

After getting familiar with the general interface of your chosen video editing software, and perhaps after your first few simple edits, the next step for most aspiring editors or YouTube creators might be to start learning a few fancy transitions to flex those creative muscles and spice up your new videos. This YouTuber has just made your lives a little easier.

I've been toying around with Davinci Resolve for a while now, making some personal videos and small edits for marketing purposes. What I've found out from my little forays into the video editing world is that — for me, at least — trying to learn a somewhat fiddly new program can disappear hairs from my head and years from my life. If that sounds like an exaggeration, you might consider asking the forehead shaped dent in my computer desk. 

Which finally brings me to the reason for this post: MrAlexTech has kindly brought us all a belated Christmas present! Specifically, a bunch of free Davinci Resolve transitions to help us through some of the more stressful learning experiences in Resolve and/or to speed up our workflows. Just like with photography presets and color grading LUTs, transition presets are handy shortcuts but also fantastic ways to learn how to create your own transitions specific to your needs. All one needs to do is select a free transition, click on the Fusion tab to have a look under the proverbial hood, and scan the inputted figures from Alex. 

Not only has he given us these creations for free but he has also sourced and linked some free sound effects which we can add to our own edits.

Has anyone used these transitions, yet? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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where is the download link?

You need to go to the video in YouTube, links are in the description of the video.

I have bought the package, but there is no resolve project in it!?! Only a after effects project. So I can't load them to my resolve.

Hi Alex ... the transitions look great ... do you have 50P versions ?