Six Simple In-Camera Video Transitions

Unless you have mastered the art of shooting your entire video in one clip, your video project will be broken up into different scenes or cuts. Adding transitions between the different scenes can improve your overall project. Are you out of ideas for alternative ways to transitions your video from scene to scene?

Mango Streets brings you six simple, yet effective transitions you can add with basic video editing skills all done in-camera. Well placed and executed transitions can take your video to the next level. With a bit of pre-planning, you can incorporate these into future projects for smooth and appealing transitions between different scenes.

You may have seen some of these transitions before, possibly with another name, but all these can be done in-camera and with simple editing later. Watch the video to see how they perform and combine each transition between scenes.

The video is really enjoyable to watch, the duo at Mango Street really demonstrated each technique well and keep it simple to follow along. You can jump to the 1:33 mark to watch all six transitions into a final montage to see how it was all pieced together. 

What was your favorite transition shown? What are some other types of in-camera transitions you use often?

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Emmet Adriaans's picture

Speed Ramping for Days!
Fun video though! Good Work.

Cristian Perotti's picture


Rob Davis's picture

Great video!

16mm Camera's picture

I’m still a fan of a nicely motivated hard cut. You don’t see many transitions in the nest films and I’m really not sure why we need to put them on our cuts.

Good video though, short to the point and good info. I’m speaking on a meta level.

I find sound design of the best ways to transition between scenes.

Lou Bragg's picture

Some creative shots. Some of them are already highly overused on Youtube, though. And if I see any more speed ramps videos out there I’ll quit watching internet videos.

16mm Camera's picture

Speed ramps, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should ;)

Marc lamey's picture

love it