Two Tricks on How to Enhance Your Image in Post

What happens when you can't "get it right in camera"? There are different scenarios when you have to shoot the subject with what's available at that moment. What can you do afterward to improve the shot?

Yes, it is best to get it right in camera when it is possible without a doubt. Many, many photographers will harp on that, and if you have the time and resources to fix the shot in the real world so the captured image is better in camera, that is great and the goal. Not every situation lends itself to be corrected during the shoot and you just have to move forward. Coming from Film Riot, they share two tricks to help enhance your image in post-production for those tricky situations where you couldn't fix it in camera.

While the examples are shown are for video post-production, the same techniques and effects can be used for still photography as well. It is much simpler to add this effect in still photography, with video you do have to pay attention to the camera motion and add tracking to follow the scene. 

Most of us hate the question "can you fix that in post?" or "can you fix that in Photoshop". Fixing the image after its shot should be the last resort, but if you have to, its nice knowing you can. 

What are some instances where you could get the desired results in camera and you had to make corrections in post-production? Share your examples in the comments below. 

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