400 Foot Canyon Jump Shot With DSLR, GoPros, And An Octocopter

Where do you place cameras to capture someone taking a 400 foot plunge into a rocky abyss when you can't get to the bottom? On the person falling of course! The popular YouTuber Devin Graham is up to his usual hijinks, but this time with a little help from some friends. If you enjoyed his Epic Rope Swing video, then you'll definitely want to check this out. Final video inside!

I love these kind of videos that show people in their element and just having a great time. The upbeat music, Devin's typical Glidecam shots smoothly cutting across the rocky surface, and now some aerial footage to go with it, all make for a lively video segment. Helping Devin out for this video included the following:

Octocopter: Chris Newman with CineChopper LLC
Rope and rigging support: Brian Mosbaugh and Scott Rogers with Slackline Media
Behind the scenes video: Shot and cut by Parker Wallbeck

Here's the final video:

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Tam Nguyen's picture

Did you see the added video where the dude pushed his girlfriend down the rope and then she broke up with him as she was going down? It's hilarious.

Best part of the vid...lol

Brian Boing Photo's picture

 hilarious...the drama starts at around the 11:18 mark

Noam Galai's picture

great video... and the ending is epic

zero degree weather and you're in a t-shirt and a denim jacket? Uhh, no. 

But that swing frightens the bajeezus out of me.