Amazing Green Screen CGI From John Adams

I am a huge fan of the technology behind movie special effects. Here is a quick look behind the scenes of the movie John Adams. It's amazing what is possible these days.

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This blows my mind. When you see it all laid out, of COURSE it would be cheaper to have a digital artist create these things, rather than have 5000 extras and rebuild Colonial America on a set, but it is still crazy what can be done these days.

Wow, how far we have come from the old days, and so fast!

This is just stunning! How they built the crowds from small groups was very impressive!

Suddenly being a stills photographer looks incredible simple :o

genius! i agree with alexander-- what i do seems so amateur compared to this.. these guys are at the top of their craft

Phenomenal technology. Can't ever believe what you see nowadays.

wow looks amazing, If I learn to do FX I dont need to shoot on location anymore. Oh wait Im to stupid to learn FX, Bummer!

That stuff hurts my head and makes me feel dumb...

I'm crying.. This is too awesome.