The Arctic Light, Another Great Timelapse

Terje Sørgjerd has created a few timelapse videos that we have featured on FS but this may be the best. Terje writes; "My favorite natural phenomenon is one I do not even know the name of, even after talking to meteorologists and astrophysicists I am none the wiser.What I am talking about I have decided to call The Arctic Light and it is a natural phenomenon occurring 2-4 weeks before you can see the Midnight Sun."

"I had numerous setbacks including: airline lost my
luggage, struggling to swim ashore after falling into the Arctic sea: twice, breaking lenses, filters, tripod, computer, losing the whole dolly rig and controller into the sea, and even falling off a rather tall rock and ending up in the hospital. As much as I wanted to give up, the best way out is always “through”. I am glad I stuck it through though because there were some amazing sunrises waiting."

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Outstanding, thank you. Rich

How can I shoot something like that while I get great detail on the sky but not under expose to the ground.  or the other way around.  How  how how

This guy is the best timelapser in the world

Lubin Tasevski's picture

Seriously fantastic. Not only is the time laps wonderfully done with graceful sweeping motions, the images are stunning. I enjoyed the music with the video. Love it. . 

Truly gorgeous

Love his work, just absolutely great.

Made my day !

As Art said, this made my day! Thanks.

Beyond awesome.. the effect looks like HDR on mostly all frames.

Henning Nilsen's picture

I love my country. hehe.

Marshal F's picture

Wonderful! thanks for sharing.

Good video, but his other works I liked more. Magical views, but I don't like the scenes with rapidly moving water. But I also have to say that everything is relative, and if I didn't see his other work I would probably think that this one is the best I've ever seen :)

Tell me this is HDR, right? ...and that Terje spent hours post processing the HDR images to get this, right?.... simply amazing.... I was totally blown away with his northern lights timelapse as well.....