Behind The Scenes: God of War Ascension's Superbowl Trailer "From Ashes"

During this last superbowl there were some pretty amazing commercials, but one stood out to me. The new live action, God of War Ascension trailer. Being a huge fan of the God of War series I was happy to see the character, 'Kratos', brought to life. Below are the behind the scenes videos on how they brought the game out of the Playstation and into the real world. The cinematography by LA based production company, Imaginary Forces is simply breathtaking and keeps the spirt of the video games.


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Seagram Pearce's picture

Bad. Ass. This is pretty much the genre of things I would shoot all the time if I had endless money & no clients.

Ashkan Ahmadi's picture

This is the GREATEST game ever made. Great graphics, great music and great story.

Got that right! LOVE this game series!