Behind The Scenes At Pixar

I'm not a huge fan their style of movies but I can totally appreciate the talent that Pixar puts into each of their projects. If you are at all interested in 3D animation, movie production, or incredible offices, this video is for you.

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I wonder how can they bring movies to such a perfection when they technically work at a playground. Even though the movies are results of months of hard work.
Great optimistic video!

I was working in those type of industry before. There are lots of creative artist out there in the field. But normally ppl who pays money would limit their creativity. Only good company who trust their employee would set them free to make awesome work. Most companist will limit their employee's creativity because as you know that artistic and economy not usually scale together logically. Which makes artists become technicians in most cases. Imagine a musician would write their song while traveling instead of locking themselves in a room. In a business man point of view they think that they are having vacation instead of working. If they want real art, they must let artist free to do whatever they want while during the production stage.

This was one of my favorite BTS videos. I thought that was so interesting about the design of the building being designed for spontaneous people interactions was a great concept I think.

More Pixar Oscar propaganda. Don't get me wrong Pixar is one of the leading full CG animated studio's in the game. What really drives me nuts about these guys is the ego and propaganda machine. Critics and media just seem to auto rate their movies as blockbusters. Lets be critical for awhile. For example TS3 was a good movie but it's the same movie as the first two. Woody complains a lot, there is a separation and race to get back to Andy. Seen that movie...twice before. Yet it is one of the best reviewed movies of all time on I think there are two negative review on TS3 and the director Lee Unkrich has sent out a tweet, a a Buzz Lightyear quote from Toy Story 1, which seems to be a response to the two negative reviews: "you are sad, strange little men, and have my pity."

They have gotten such large egos for creating the same movie again and again. I just hope the critics and the people don't auto rate Pixar movies and take note of what they really are.

I could go on...and on, but I won't. I am sure this will offend some, to those people take a minute and think about it best review/rated movie of all time? I just think it's time people started taking a deeper look.

I am still a Pixar fan, I am just not a fanboy.

Awesome.. I'd absolutely love to work there.

Because anyone that works at pixar has a huge passion for what they do. Perfecting their part of the movie is kinda their playground.

Don't forget all the FREE cereal!!!! :D

oh, oh... looks like the New York Times is not a huge fan of you embedding the Pixar video. Buggers!

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