Behind The Scenes: Throwing Lenovo Laptops Out Of Airplanes

Laptop makers Lenovo have released a new series of laptops that they claim can startup in less than 10 seconds. The new ThinkPad T420s and IdeaPad Y570 are using a new technology called Rapidboot which they claim makes their computers boot up faster than any other computer on the market. Lenovo teamed up with the ad agency McKinney to prove just how fast their Windows 7 computers can start. The idea was to throw a laptop out of a plane at 12,500 feet and see if it could trigger the parachute after loading Windows. Check out the behind the scenes video below and then check out the final commercial to see how everything comes together. I'd love to see Apple run a marketing campaign like this!

Behind the Scenes Video:

Final Commercial

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David La Roche's picture

I replaced the hard drive in my Macbook Pro with a Solid State Drive recently and it boots at least this fast haha :P

Patrick Hall's picture

Anyone having problems seeing this video on Internet Explorer or Safari?  Looks great on Chrome

Patrick Hall's picture

nevermind, found the youtube versions...I should have looked there to begin with :)

No problem on Safari.

Win7 FTW

A Gopro mounted near the keyboard facing the screen would have finished that advert off i think.

Jens Marklund's picture

Seems like a odd thing to advertise. How many people really are interested in boot time? I though it was gonna be about it handling a fall from an airplane. The BTS seems to be more of a commercial then the commercial. 

Impressive but it makes me wonder how much slower that bootup will be after a year of use and programs..

Is it something special in the bootup software or solid state drive? It would be interesting when someone makes a boot setup that will work on any PC to make windows load in 10seconds

Jens Marklund's picture

Mostly likely a SSD in there, but they could modify windows as well. I think they just put an SSD in there, and told windows in msconfig to only run their program and nothing else when it's booting (windows as well of course). Then again, 10 seconds isn't really lightning fast if you think about it.

Von Wong's picture

I dunno...oddly enough i find the advertisement boring.... despite the potential..

shoji's picture

I'm with vonwong. 

Maybe they should have had a jumper without a parachute do a mid-air intercept of the lenovo, turn it on, and hang on tight!

So what, it still has Microsoft's crash prone, bug infested OS.

Would have been so much better if the parachute would have failed/torn off or something like that. Everybody just wants that laptop to crash!

Asus has had similar software for a few years. 

"So what, it still has Microsoft's crash prone, bug infested OS."

I haven't had a crash in years.  7 or vista.

Wow. . . I want a RED Helmet Cam like that!

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