2.5 Million Dollar Vlog: Go Big or Go Home With Drone and Bush Pilot Trench Palmer

This video first caught my attention when I saw the absurd number $2.5 million. I asked myself what could make a vlog so expensive and if it was so expensive to make, then how good would it be? From there, I clicked the link and landed on a video that was actually pretty awesome. So here, in this video, you will see what a few million can do to help you film.

I've been flying a drone for almost three years now and I am still obsessed with any sort of aerial video or photography. When I first watched this video, I was questioning the skill level of the pilot and the cameraman because I know that there is a lot of coordination that needs to go on between everybody. Hell, I struggle to dual op my Inspire 2 while filming cars. I can only imagine how much different it is to be up in a helicopter filming a plane. In the end of all this, I have to say that I am very impressed with the skill level everybody had in this video and I am happy that Trent Palmer went this far to film a vlog. I don't normally watch stuff like this but it was also my first time watching a bush plane fly and that looks like a ton of fun.

If you are wondering what type of equipment they use to film movies, commercials, TV shows, Netflix series, and so on, you are looking right at it in this video. Sure a drone like the Inspire 2 can compete to an extent and do a good portion of the work, but these helicopters and bigger sensor cameras are the real deal. Even cameras like the normal RED Epic W are capable of putting out awesome quality on a drone like the Matrice 600 or Alta 8, yet the camera setup on this helicopter is way faster and could be just a tad more stable with such a big gimbal.

I figured I would share this because it was awesome to see all this gear in use, especially chasing a plane around. It was also really neat to see what kind of quality that camera is capable of putting out and how well they were able to shoot Palmer flying his bush plane through some pretty tight spaces. Don't get me wrong, drones are awesome and they are becoming more popular, but I still don't think that shots like this are achievable with a drone. I personally think that the drone versus helicopter comes down to the budget, space, and project. In this case, Palmer being friends with these guys meant they could have a little fun and teach us a little more about what goes into some of the highest-end aerial filming.

For more on Palmer, check out his Instagram and YouTube.

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stir photos's picture

great share! i was pretty much all in on the title. that's gotta be the coolest project ever. the composition going thru the canyon was tight!

David Penner's picture

Honestly not that impressed.. If you want to check out some sweet vlogs check out a guy named Bradley Friesen..

yes I know this is a year in review but his normal stuff is pretty crazy too.... He has done videos with Casey Neisat, Peter Mckinnon, Jon Olson and a bunch of other celebrates/Instagrammers...
His dog is hilarious too..


Peter MCKinnon made a video dedicated to him for Canadas 150th bday

Adam T's picture

I'm just going to fly around in my plane while my friend video tapes me on one of the best systems ever. I'm not sure jealous is the word, it seems to weak