The Best Viral Music Video You Never Saw

Today, for the first time I watched this fantastic one-take music video for Brooklyn based band, Eytan and the Embassy. On the Vimeo page for 'Everything Changes' they tout the video as "18 Costume Changes -- 1 Music Video -- 0 Edits!" It has been online for 10 months, is a Vimeo Staff pick, but only has 20,000 views. Well I think it deserves more! Check out this video and click through for a BTS video as well. Enjoy!

"Everything Changes" Behind the Scenes from Modern Mythology on Vimeo.

via WTW

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And here is the BTS

oh thanks dude! will add this

1. Eric Clapton?
2. Liam Gallagher (Oasis)
3. Jim Morrison (The Doors)
4. Bob Dylan
5. The Drifters?
6. Elton John
7. Elvis Presley
8. David Bowie
10. Axl Rose (Guns 'n' Roses)
12. Phil Linott (Thin Lizzy)
13.Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
14. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
15. Weird Al Yankovic
16. Beastie Boys
17. Lady Gaga
18. Deadmau5

Two I don't know and two I'm not sure of. Any ideas?

My girlfriend pointed out that I made some unforgivable mistakes there!

10. Bruce Springsteen
12. Prince

*hangs head in shame*

I love the Courtney Love stumbling across in the background :)

Also... Weird Al! Woo!

Great video, interesting concept and BTS, the only disappointment was the lack of sync with the audio, this is what ruined it for me, what would otherwise be a truly perfect music video.

I think this is not a Viral video, because the viral tag come's from the viewers and not from the kind of video content! If this only got 20000 views in 10 months it's not a Viral.

However the concept is good, and it's quite well done, unfortunately, the music it's not so good... maybe this is the problem...

Ah, this is an one take viral video :)

The point the poster makes is it SHOULD be viral, due to the way it is put together and due to its awesomeness - which i will say it has - but it isn't, as nobody has seen it.

The headline of the post says ''The Best Viral...'' and i just share the concept of a Viral, and this loses on the 1st and unique axiom of a viral video.

But I agree with you, and with Corey. This is interesting and well done. But not a Viral video.

Videos can become viral after years if they're posted by the right people.

I love this one :)

definitely - take this magical bean for instance:

;) ;)

True, and that is a really interesting sociological study! Why/How, this media or friend zone or fan zone can worldwide information?

This idea was done by The Royal Republic for their song Tommy Gun last year some time before this video. And it looks a lot nice and is lit better.

royal republic video is edited and isnt a 1 take. Also is just random stuff happening, not an orchestrated changing of costumes. Similar though

The Youtube version of the video (just google it) has nearly 600,000 views and I remember seeing it everywhere last year. So you may add 'on vimeo' to your headline ;-)

I agree with Starways. It was a Vimeo Staff Pick, so a lot of people saw it and talked about it in production studios. Still, thanks for pointing it out here. It's still good content.

I thought Corey was fired from Fstoppers? Guess not. Oh well.