For Bird Watchers-The Newest Accessory for the Iphone and GoPro

If you're a fan of setting up bird feeders and watching the adorable little animals swoop into your back yard, you might want to look into this new piece of equipment designed by Bryson Lovett. Instead of hunting down your favorite avian wildlife at 200 mm, this little contraption allows you to view and photograph the birds up close and personal without invading their space.

The contraption is simple enough. Bryson developed a cutout where either an Iphone or GoPro can be placed inside a protected case. The case is supported by a tripod and also supports a bowl for bird seed. The cameras are elevated above the feeder so that the feeder is cut out of the shot. By syncing your iphone or GoPro wirelessly to your ipad, the viewer can observe the birds from the comfort of his or her living room.


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I gotta say that's pretty cool even though I'm not a bird watcher. Makes me want to come up with a rig with a Phase One and 120mm Macro to get some ridiculous shots! =P

How can you not help but smile watching those birds? Great concept. Love it!

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I CAN NOT, let my wife see this damn thing!
:) hehehe BUT it's an awesome idea to get some bird photos..

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I can't tell if I'm smiling and laughing because it's such a ridiculous concept or because it's kind of brilliant....and wow, the new GoPros really become super sharp!

actually you dont need the house right? just put camera on tripod and put aluminium bar for feeder.



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HAHAHA, the iPhone inset is vertical. Bet that makes for some striking and usable footage