Blood & Oil Is A Beautiful Short Film About The Essence Of Chasing Your Passion

Cale Glendening is a director and cinematographer that recently released this new piece that is a must see. As he puts it, “ It speaks to all avenues of passionate endeavors and the common thread of desire, determination and relentless pursuit it takes to see them through.” No matter what you invest yourself in creatively, you identify with the determination required to keep pushing to attain your goals.

What I really loved about this piece was how meticulously crafted each frame seemed. The flow of the film came together well and it left me with the intended emotion the film set out to deliver.

Be sure to check out the full blog post here for more information about the film as well as screen shots and credits:

Cale is no stranger to Fstoppers, we first saw his work here with his gorgeous documentary about India. If you liked Blood & Oil, be sure and check this out as well.

[Via Cale Glendening]

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This is a really great short film in my opinion! Perfect interaction between voice,music , composition and coloring! :)

I like the curvature of the road at the very end.

Lovely imagery but I'm really not sure about that script or really bizarre accent that never stayed in one place long enough to know where it was from!

I agree. Visually stunning but a very odd choice for the tone of the voiceover. I found it jarring and distracting. It sounded like Optimus Prime was doing the voiceover.

Nicely filmed, for sure. Just seems overly dramatic considering the subject of the film.

Stunning visuals and compelling narrative, everything about this was amazing!!!
Thanks Pratik for the post!! !

Gorgeous cinematography.
It could have been a masterpiece with better paced editing. Same tone throughout. Too few changes in music, shot type etc.
Overall, great eye candy

Voice over is ludicrous and spoils it!
Thought it was tongue in cheek and would go away but didn't.

I thought the narrator was going to star on some wold of warcraft rant at some point.. he legit sounds like the guy who does the voices for the game trailers... lol

I'm not going to critique this piece. Was it perfect? No. But I enjoyed it. Overall that's what matters. Nicely done, Cale.

Wooooooow !!!!

At :30, the door is rolled up revealing a bright sun filled day, the next shot shows the sun hasn't risen that high yet.
That's a basic editing screwup.
As has already been mentioned, the narration is just... wrong.
The pace of the piece is also unnecessarily slow, I mean, it's almost as if he had an idea for a short film, and just looked at a motorcycle and said, close enough.
All in all, a very confused little film, composed of pieces that just don't go together.
Full credit for effort, but overall, quite underwhelming.

Darth Vader ??? 300 ??? Thriller MJ ???
Photographers the director ?
Great visuals no story,
Shot one the garage shutter opens to an 8am Sun to a 5:30am outside.

It might sound like hyperbole, but the artist and warrior have the same role: to fight for and bring about a better world, to cultivate hope against all odds. This guy does a good job of realizing that theme.