BTS Look At The Closing Steadicam Shot in "Hugo"

In case you missed "Hugo", the Oscar winning film from last year, the last cut of the movie is about 2 minutes long, and is seemingly a single steadicam shot. In this behind the scenes video, we see the point of view from a small wide angle camera mounted on top of the steadicam itself, and you can see how something like this is pulled off. You can even hear Larry McConkey take a sigh of relief when he finishes the move. Hit the jump for the scene from the movie.

As someone who has done steadicam work, operating a heavy rig for even just a few small clips can be very taxing and take tremendous effort and balance from your entire body to do right. Much respect to working pros doing shots like this, as smooth as this.

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GoPro posted a link to this as well yesterday, I believe they said it was a Go Pro attached to the camera on the steadicam.

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That's why the best directors always thank their crew. What an amazing behind the scenes.

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 I like the bit where the wall moves backwards to allow the camera move around the back of the girl in the corner of the room.

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I also noticed the boom hanging above the camera pulling some move without getting in the shot. Kudo's for him aswell

Right around the 1:13 mark .... the wall is moved so the camera can get behind the actress ....  cool.

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maybe make the cameras lighter?

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Actually, its somewaht easier to "fly" a Steadicam rig with heavier cameras.  The little rigs with a 5D2 on, float around very easily but bigger rigs with full size ENG cameras or film units have a much more "solid" feel to them.  Sure you get out of breath 'cos they're heavy but having used both types I found I could get a steadier shot and more response when I flew my DigiBeta camera (full size ENG / PSC style at about 12kg).

Fantastic! Nice to see even pros with pro steadicam rigs blurts out a sigh of relief after a smooth run.:) It never gets easy.

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That was awesome! Inspiration indeed. love the moving wall. So simple but effective. Though I was really impressed by the boom grip. They had to avoid people, camera, the lights and avoid getting in frame! The lead into the shot for the 3d comp was amazing too.

Hey guys, since you're doing a scene of impressive shots and camera work, how about this one (shown to me by Cinema class teacher): From the movie El Secreto de sus Ojos (the secret in their eyes), Argentinian movie:

The scene:
The making of:

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too bad you can't set a white balance on the go-pro. ;) really impressed with the boom operator!!