BTS Of Victoria's Secret Incredible Bra

Today we have not one but THREE behind the scenes videos for the latest Victoria's Secret television ad Incredible. The first one shows the scope of the production from the perspective of the models. You can also see how well these new bras fit and why they are so incredible. The second one was edited by FS reader and film maker Adam Boozer who shot a short ad for Verizon showcasing production designer Jeffrey Beecroft. Adam's video is about how Jeffrey uses his cell phone to show art directors different sets, ideas, and locations around the world. Finally, the third is from Ed Razek who is the chief creative officer at Victoria's Secret. There is a little bit to take from all of these and you can watch the final commercial on TV or in the full post.

Verizon Wireless - White Bay Victoria Secret Shoot from Jewell&Ginnie on Vimeo.

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It's pretty amazing to see the process, the team work and especially the budget that can go in these productions... This bra better really be comfortable! And I hope they at least did more than a 15 sec. TV spot version too...

Thanks for sharing this post guys!

Best. Behind. The. Scenes. Videos. Ever.

Never a problem looking at VS behind-the-scenes, is it? Very cool lighting they're using too.

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this is the most INCREDIBLE BTS i've seen :) I need to look at the final product.. must be great ad...

For those of you who think that film is dead, please note that this commercial was shot on 35mm film. 8-D

They are using all the good stuff, Technocrane , Fisher dolly and Briese lights - nice to have a BIG budget.

Excellent video showing production designer Jeffrey Beecroft and crew at work. Sets don't just appear out of nowhere, someone has to design and build them. Nice to see something on the non-glamorous side of film making.

Interesting. Big set. I found it amusing that they left the lorem ipsum copy in the copyright info. at the end of the Verizon commercial though. Oops.

i agree-- best bts ever! i learned absolutely nothing about photography or filmmaking, but enjoyed it more than any other video on this site. i love filmmaking, but love hot girls much more

Hmmm. Not so sure that from the standpoint of an informative BTS video, this one measures up. Yeah, there are beautiful women in these clips, but for all those who state this is "the best BTS video EVER", and "i love filmmaking, but love hot girls much more", I'd encourage all of you to explore the world of online porn...there's plenty of it out there, and online porn gives about the same amount of information about behind the scenes shooting (none) as the first and third video give. The second video, though it does give a bit better view of what is going on BTS, is simply an ad for Verizon and Blackberry. As a photographer, I come to fstoppers to get a bead on what the latest, greatest techniques are for shooting and lighting, as well as info about gear, and usually, that's what we get. Seems like this set of vids is more of an attempt to get more visitors to the site (sex sells) and less about following what I assumed was the mission of fstoppers, which is to inform. Let's leave the adolescent voyeurism to the sites that specialize in it, and stick to your well-established, helpful niche..informative videos ABOUT photography and filmmaking and leave the T&amp;A videos that happen to show a light stand for some other site to feature.

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A great set of BTS vids. One thing that puzzles me though is that the illuminated panels on the sides are just white in the final result. One of the models said they were going for a times square type look with images projected on. I see the blue crosses on the panels which I'm assuming were to be used for motion tracking.
Did they just ditch that idea at the last moment?