BTS Video Gives Hot Tips For Fire Effects On Set

In this behind the scenes video, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens shows us his concept and execution for a :30 commercial shot in a single take! Jay takes you through the rigging and setup up a burn bar, and has some fun along the way. This informative video gives us a look at the lighting set up too, and how he planned this shoot to get both stills and video. More info on the gear used after the jump!

Jay's crew used a RED Camera with a Tamron 24-70 for video and a 5DmIII for stills, with the RED camera rigged on a Kessler Shuttlepod.

From the YouTube Description:
"I shot a commercial for Los Gringos Loco on the Red using one of my favorite special effects...Fire! In this back yard barbecue we see everything go up in flames. The goal was to shoot both video and stills that the restaurant will use for advertising purposes. Creating fire is one of my favorite special effects. It's not easy and must be done with complete caution. I have been building burn bars of different sizes and shapes for years. This is a little taste on how to make fire. I used a new strobe head/constant light form Dynalite. It's the MH 2065v head with a 650 watt constant modeling light. It makes it so much easer to shoot Video and stills on the same setup."

As it says in the video, definitely do not try to rig something this without the supervision of trained professionals in a controlled environment.

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Noah's picture

Hmm, won't teach us to make burn bars because its too dangerous? Guess I'll have to figure it out myself! (counterproductive much?) XD

Elliott Montello's picture

In the pyro industry they arnt called burn bars they are called fire slinkys. They are very easy to make.