[BTS Video] Light Painting Product Shoot Of A Volvo Big Rig

Product photography can get pretty tedious at times, but this shoot for the new Volvo FH 540 is on another level. Photographer Tim Bjorn shows us how to shoot a massive, shiny vehicle all while having an incredible workflow and paying much attention to detail. He shoots with a PhaseOne body and IQ180 digital back, which allows him to capture crazy hi-resolution 80 megapixel images, straight into CaptureOne Pro. He then paints the light onto the truck using a Profoto Pro-8A pack, a beauty dish and magnum reflector. Needless to say, this guy uses some high end gear, but there is still a ton to learn here in this video about workflow and lighting subjects larger than our lights can cover. Enjoy!

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I tried something like this - on a quite smaller scale - it should be amazing to have all this gear available :)

Tried this just last night but using a cheap LED torch instead of flash. Fun technique to try but takes practice... 

good effort - super sky

Check out Eric Curry.  He's the mast er at this type of work:  

Also... he has some videos on Youtube.  

NICE! good to see your work guys. Keep it up, you'll be painting the statue of liberty in no time ... well, maybe not the statue of liberty, but keep it up :)

Yeah, I have seen Eric Curry's stuff. He has good work, I'm just not a fan of the overprocessed look. Too HDR looking for me. The Volvo was lit beautifully and it seems to have very little done to it in post aside from color correction, some exposure fine tuning and keyston correction and a ton of layers. Looks very natural.

I love this kind of stuff! Thanks for sharing! 

One of my favorite light painting photogs is 
Also Eric Curry at 
http://www.americanprideandpassion.com/. (He has a how to e-book as well.)

And of course some of my light painting is here: http://goo.gl/YnqO4

dave wendt has some gr8 work! good share

Good bts, great picture. This technique requires a lot work, but can give amazing effects. At my studio, we use it as the main method for shooting cars. Example:
Thanks for sharing!

When you don't have a lot of flashes and stuff it works pretty well. I do this technique sometimes and people always like the results. But with lightpainting technique you can draw the lines of the car exactly and show in a better way it's shapes. 

This is of my lasts, doing the same thing:


Thanks for sharing!

Check out what I did with a GTR haha http://blog.tftphotography.com/

Anyone got tips to help me here, i use a an led when light painting cars, but how di i avoid the refkection of the light in the paint work?