[BTS Video] Red Bull Gives Cameras Wings To Film 3D Motocross Commercial

Red Bull no doubt has some of the best sports video work I've ever seen. In their latest sports commercial, the energy drink company takes to the skies as they film 2x Women's Motocross Association Champion Ashley Fiolek. Ashley, who has been deaf since birth, has been making a lot of noise on the women's circuit, and she has become an inspiration to fans of the sport world wide. The video features some interesting camera angles with much of the footage coming from cable suspended camera. Everything was filmed in 3D to give the POV shots a bit of kick as Ashley soars through the air. Check out the full commercial below and then watch the second video for all the behind the scenes action.

Full Commercial

Behind The Scenes

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Red Bull is always on the top of the game when it comes to awesome cinematography, and not just in action sports. The only detraction on this was that blur filter they put on a lot of the shots. Unless I just need glasses, and only need them for certain scenes...

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Cool kid and fun camera work...boo on the 3D!

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Oh, it's from Curt Morgan of Brain Farm, awesome!  They produce amazing work and have some great BTS stuff also.  

Their full length snowboard films (which are like a hybrid with Planet Earth):