Chopper With 5DM2 Automatically Follows Wakeboarder With "FollowMe" Transmitter

If you like gadgets as much as me then you will probably find this really interesting, and probably a little scary as well. The guys over at Mikrokopter put a "FollowMe" transmitter on a wakeboarder's head and the chopper automatically follows and films him around the lake. The chopper was at a very high (and safe) altitude but I can see these getting a lot closer as the technology improves. The concept is really remarkable but I'm not sure I want a flying machine with 6 blades following something attached to my head.

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I think it would make much more sense to automatically point the camera at the head but still have manual control over the chopper...

I take it that by 5DM2 you mean Canon Rebel with kit lens?  ;)

Cool video! Not as polished as it could be, but it's a good idea and a start.

No, I'm not really impressed. Saw one of these choppers during a (wake) event in my home town, but it broke down after 10 mins. Also, the images are just flat... To get more impressive results than just a GoPro on a helmet, we just ride dual lines and have a GoPro mounted on a ski-pole...

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I'm very curious of two things, where was this taken? Because I'd like to try wakeboarding in that fashion.

Also, can you change the following distance? But for right now, I'd like to use at a local autox meet that we have once a month at War Memorial stadium.

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I`m sceptic but facinated at the same time :)
I understand why they didnt fly closer, becouse the transmitter update the MK every two seconds and if we breake it down mathematicaly the Mk can fly up to 80km per hour and that makes it fly 22 metres pr second. 44 metres pr two second flight would make the flight akward and not as smooth as it should be.
Get faster updating from the transmitter and i would definetly buy the ingredients to "FollowMe"
Best regards from

I LOVE this idea, but could you be able to lets say "stay 50 yards behind me and film me at a angle not follow me from directly above me? If so I so want one!